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Laboratory of Landscape Analysis and Management

Research area

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Laboratory of Landscape Analysis and Management
University of Girona
Facultat de Lletres
Department of Geography
Pl. Ferrater Mora, 1
17071 Girona

+34 972418999
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E-mail dir.lagp@udg.edu

Research area

Research targets:

To build new knowledge on the field of the Analysis and Management of the Landscape. As much in the basic research as in the applied one. Landscape mosaic is considered as the morphological expression of a land system that operates in a concrete land area during a periode of time.

At the moment, the main research subjects are the following ones:

  • Landscape analysis, valuation and assessment.
  • Analysis, description and management of the Mediterranean landscapes.
  • History and evolution of the concept of landscape.
  • Changes of coastal landscape in the last 50-100 years.
  • Design of Ecological Greenways.
  • Analysis of the cultural landscape.
 Current projects

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Viewer beaches and dunes

Research and vegetation of Udg

Evaluation of coasts and beaches

As a result of its activity the group has an expertise in the use of the following methods and techniques:

  • Use and implementation of GIS.
  • Cartography of the land use and land cover.
  • Definition and mapping of landscape units.
  • Vegetation mapping.

Main research projects in the last 5 years

  • Functional analysis of the landscape conservation elements as an objective of the integrated coastal zone management: the principal ecological structure. (Funding provided by: Ministry of the Research and Tecnology). 2006-2009.
  • Development and testing of a methodology of the valuation of the beach resource as a support to the integrated management of the touristy coastal zones. (Funding provided by: Ministry of the Research and Tecnology). 2003-2006.
  • Mapping coastal landscape changes in Catalonia in the 1800-2000 period. (Funding provided by: Ministry of the Research and Tecnology). 2002-2005.
  • Valuation of landscape change in the Montserrat and Sant Llorenç del Munt mountain ridges, in the last two centuries. (Funding provided by: Ministry of the Research and Tecnology). 2000-2002.
  • Effects of the land use changes on the ecosystems dynamics in Mediterranean rural areas (Funding provided by: Ministry of the Research and Tecnology). 1997-2000.
  • Design of a greenway between the arable area of Gallecs and the natural areas of both the Prelitoral and Litoral mountain ridges, (Funding provided by: Diputació de Barcelona), 2001.
  • Landscape analysis of the non-built area of the municipality of Figueres (Alt Empordà county), (Funding provided by: Municipality of Figueres), 2001.
  • Design of greenways between the Natural Park of Cap de Creus and the Natural Park of L’Albera, (Funding provided by: Regional Ministry of Environment, Generalitat of Catalonia), 2000.
  • Vegetation mapping of the Natural Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt (Barcelona) (Funding provided by: Diputació de Barcelona), 1998.

Main contributions in the last 5 years:

  • Morera, C.; Pintó, J. & Romero, M. (2007). “Paisaje, procesos de fragmentación y redes ecológicas: aproximación conceptual”. In: Corredores Biológicos. Acercamiento conceptual y experiencias en América: 11-32. Centro Científico Tropical y Universidad Nacional. San José (Costa Rica).
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