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Grups de Recerca en Estadística, Econometria i Salut (GRECS)

Research fields


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    Campus Montilivi
    17071 - GIRONA
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Research Fields


o    Environmental Epidemiology

o    Epidemiology of cancer

o    Clinical Epidemiology

o     Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

o     Cardiovascular diseases

o     Neurodegenerative diseases

o     Developmental disorders (ADHD)

o     Cancer and diet

o    Real World Data


Statistics and econometrics

o    Space statistics  

o    Bayesian Statistics  

o    Statistical computing  

o    Mixed Models mixts. Multilevel models and panel data models

o    Survival analysis (classical and multivariate)

o    Analysis of compositional data

o    Methodology of surveys  

o    Models with the dependent and limited variable  

o    Non-parametric models  

Applied econometrics


o    Regional and urban economy  


o    Quality of life

o    Economic convergence and growth  

o    Econometric evaluation of policies 

Maps of crime risk