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Research Group in Public Economics

Research projects


Elena del Rey Canteli
Department of Economics

FCEE, Campus de Montilivi
Universitat de Girona
17003 Girona, Spain
Tel. +34 972 41 87 49


Projectes de recerca


The ARCO project arises from one of the most important challenges facing humanity in the 21st century: the adaptation and moderation of climate change. Total food production has to increase by 70 percent between 2005 and 2050 to meet the needs of the population, and at the same time, agricultural production has to preserve the ecological system to maintain its productive base. Balancing these two objectives implies an obligation to adopt more efficient and sustainable production methods at the same time.

GIEP members in the research team: Renan Ulrich Goetz (IP), Àngels XabadiaPalmada (co-IP). 

Funding: Call for proposals for grants to carry out R&D Projects of the Society's Challenges Program, MINECO; 22.990 Euros.

Duration: 2016-2020.




The project "Well-being, allocation mechanisms and public policies" is dedicated to the design and analysis of public policies and criteria for social choice. It has three lines of research: the first deals with normative problems of social choice, the second aims to study the energy transition of the electricity system in Europe and, finally, the third line aims to analyze the impact of policies for the generation and transfer of knowledge by higher education institutions.

GIEP members in the research team: Dolors Berga Colom (IP), Elena del Rey Canteli and Nicolas Boccard.

Funding: Call for grants for R&D Projects of the Excellence Program, State Subprogram for Knowledge Generation, MINECO; 21.000 Euros.

Duration: 2016-2020.



European Expert Network on Economics of Education, European network funded by European Commission.

GRAE members in the research team: Elena Del Rey Canteli as a Senior Expert.

Funding: Comissión Europea, Dirección General de Educación y Cultura; 10.000 Euros.

Duration: desde 2013.


Fertilidad, política educativa y pensiones de jubilación

GRAE members in the research team: Elena Del Rey Canteli.

Funding: Instituto de Estudios Fiscales, 12.000 Euros.  

Duration: 2018-2019.