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Grup de Recerca d'Ecologia Microbiana Molecular



Per a qualsevol informació sobre la nostra recerca contacteu amb:

Lluís Bañeras

Edifici LEAR/Aulari Comú

C/Ma Aurèlia Capmany

17003 Girona


TEL: +34 972 418 177


The Group of Molecular Microbial Ecology (gEMM) is one of the research groups at the Institute of Aquatic Ecology (IEA).

gEMM focuses on the study of the ecology and physiology of microorganisms. Main research interests of the group members include:

  1. the study of microbe-microbe and microbe-environment interactions of continental aquatic ecosystems
  2. the analysis of how distinct microbial groups impact on the biogeochemical cycles of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur
  3. the isolation and characterization of organisms with potential for biotechnological applications, specially in electrochemistry and bioremediation
  4. the characterization of Antibiotic Resistance Genes (ARG) in human impacted environments