Grup de Recerca d'Ecologia Microbiana Molecular

Tesis Doctorals


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Lluís Bañeras

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TEL: +34 972 418 177

Doctoral Thesis


Mireia Fillol Homs

Insights into the distribution and ecological role of members of the archaeal Phylum Bathyarchaeota. From the global to the local scale

Supervised by: Dr. Carles Borrego Moré (Dissertation defense 23-03-2017)

Imma Noguerola Solà

Diversity, dynamics and activity of Epsilonproteobacteria in a stratified karstic lake. Implications in carbon and sulfur cycles 

Supervised by: Dr. Carles Borrego Moré (Dissertation Defense 29-07-2016) 

Sara Ramió Pujol

Insights into key parameters for bio-alcohol production in syngas fermentation using model carboxydotrophic bacteria

Supervised by: Dr. Jesus Colprim Galzeran, Dr. Ramon Ganigué Pagès, and Dr. Lluís Bañeras Vives (Dissertation Defense 07-07-2016) 

Ariadna Vilar-Sanz

Where nitrite respiration meets electrotrophy: diversity studies and functional characterization of autotrophic bacterial isolates from bioelectrochemical system

Supervised by: Dr. Lluís Bañeras Vives (Dissertation Defense 05-02-2016) 

Alexandre Sánchez Melsió

From inocula to biological reactors: molecular characterization of N-cycle bacterial assemblages in a PANAMMOX process 

Supervised by: Dr. Jesus Colprim Galzerán, and Dr. Xavier Vila Portella (Dissertation Defense 06-05-2015)

Joan Cáliz Gelador

Impact of chlorophenols and heavy metals on soil microbiota: their effects on activity and community composition, and resistant strains with potential for bioremediation 

Supervised by: Dr. Xavier Vila Portella and Dra. Genoveva Montserrat Bueno (Dissertation Defense 13-12-2011) 


Marc Llirós Dupré

Xavier Triadó Margarit 

Chantal Prat Botanch

Olaya Ruiz Rueda

Rosalia Trias Mansilla