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Grup de Recerca d'Ecologia Microbiana Molecular

Former Membres


Per a qualsevol informació sobre la nostra recerca contacteu amb:

Lluís Bañeras


Edifici LEAR/Aulari Comú

C/Ma Aurèlia Capmany

17003 Girona


TEL: +34 972 418 177

Membres anteriors

Former PhD students and Researchers

  • Mireia Fillol (Environmental Microbiology. Archaea diversity) PhD presented in 2017. Now as a experienced laboratory technician ICRA 
  • Imma Noguerola (Environmental Microbiology. Epsilon proteobacteria diversity) PhD presented in 2016. Now in secondary school education
  • Sara Ramió (CO2 fermentation, electrosintesis) PhD presented in 2016. Moved as a Researcher to GoodGut
  • Alexandre Sánchez Melsió (Environmental Microbiology. ANAMMOX process) PhD presented in 2015. Now as a experienced laboratory technician ICRA 
  • Ariadna Vilar-Sanz (Electrochemically catalyzed ) PhD presented in 2015. Moved as a researcher to HYPRA
  • Joan Cáliz Gelador (Environmental Microbiology. Phenol bioremediation) PhD presented in 2011. Researcher at the CEAB-CSIC
  • Marc Llirós Dupré (Environmental Microbiology. Archaea diversity) PhD presented in 2009. Now lecturer of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
  • Xavier Triadó Margarit (Environmental Microbiology. Green Sulfur Bacteria diversity) PhD presented in 2008. Researcher at the CEAB-CSIC
  • Olaya Ruiz Rueda (Environmental Microbiology. Denitrifiers in Wetlands) PhD presented in 2007
  • Rosalia Trias Mansilla (Biocontrol of fruit trees) PhD presented in 2007. Now research director in DANONE-Waters


  • Dr. Carles Abellà Ametller (Now a member of the MCiMI)
  • Dr. Jesus Garcia Gil (Now a member of the MCiMI)
  • Dra. Margarita Martínez (Now a member of the MCiMI)