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Grup de Recerca d'Ecologia Microbiana Molecular

Bacterial isolation and identification


Per a qualsevol informació sobre la nostra recerca contacteu amb:

Lluís Bañeras


Edifici LEAR/Aulari Comú

C/Ma Aurèlia Capmany

17003 Girona


TEL: +34 972 418 177

Bacterial isolation and identification


  • Fractal bacteria growing on an agar plate obtained at gEMM

    gEMM offers the possibility of isolating and purifying new microbial strains of interest in the Environmental microbiology and Biotechnology from samples of virtually any kind. Our labs are fully equipped to apply heterogenous growth conditions on demand. We offer the possibility of new strains identification, both at the genetic and physiological levels.

    We can proceed with:

    • Aerobic bacteria and Archaea
    • Strict anaerobes in defined gas atmosphere composition
    • Slightly thermophilic microorganisms (from 60 to 80ºC)

Some past experiences of success include:

  1. Isolation of bacteria with Syloxane degradation capacity
  2. Isolation of electroactive denitrifying bacteria
  3. Enrichment and Isolation of Anammox
  4. Isolation of fungi with TCA degradation capacity