Grup de Recerca d'Ecologia Microbiana Molecular

Resistoma Bacterià


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Lluís Bañeras

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C/Ma Aurèlia Capmany

17003 Girona


TEL: +34 972 418 177

Microbial Resistome

Effects of antibiotic pollution on the diversity and abundance of the aquatic resistome

We are interested in ascertain how anthropogenic contaminants (antibiotics and other pharmaceutical active compounds) coming from either punctual or chronic pollution sources affect aquatic microbial communities and their associated resistome. We investigate bacterial communities thriving in both natural environments (lakes, rivers and aquifers) and artificial settings (wastewater treatment plants and sewer systems) to determine how emerging pollutants affect their composition and stimulate the emergence and spread of resistance genes.

We combine cultivation–dependent and cultivation–independent approaches to study the diversity and prevalence of resistance genes in aquatic organisms and the changes in the composition of microbial communities in response to these stressors.

We are currently involved in two European projects from the Water JPI Pilot Call on “Emerging Water Contaminants ­– Anthropogenic Pathogens and Pollutants”, namely: projects TRACE and PERSIST. These projects started on September 2014 and will end on December 2017.

Personnel involved

Dr. José Luís Balcázar Rojas (Junior Researcher, ICRA)

Jèssica Subirats (PhD student, ICRA)

Mireia Fillol (Research Technician, ICRA)

Dr. Carles Borrego (Ass. Professor UdG, Senior Researcher ICRA)

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