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Research group on Aquatic Ecology (EcoAqua)

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novembre de 2018

Global Change Biology
Susceptibility of European freshwater fish to climate change: species profiling based on life-history and environmental characteristics
Climate change is expected to strongly affect freshwater fish communities. Combined with other anthropogenic drivers, the impacts may alter species spatio-temporal distributions, and contribute to population declines and local extinctions.
Ja pots encarregar el teu ICTIO
El joc de cartes sobre els peixos continentals de Catalunya desenvolupat per la UdG
Finançament a projectes de ciències marines i pel desenvolupament de tecnologia associada
el proper dia 15 de novembre a les 16h a la Sala d'Actes del P4 tindrà lloc una xerrada a càrrec del director de recerca del Schmidt Ocean Institute
pond metacommunities
Dispersal mode and spatial extent influence distance-decay patterns in pond metacommunities
Assuming that dispersal modes or abilities can explain the different responses of organisms to geographic or environmental distances, the distance-decay relationship is a useful tool to evaluate the relative role of local environmental structuring versus regional control in community composition.
Bilayer Infiltration System
Bilayer Infiltration System Combines Benefits from Both Coarse and Fine Sands Promoting Nutrient Accumulation in Sediments and Increasing Removal Rates
Infiltration systems are treatment technologies based on water percolation through porous media where biogeochemical processes take place. Grain size distribution (GSD) acts as a driver of these processes and their rates and influences nutrient accumulation in sediments.
1st Meeting of the Iberian Ecological Society & XIV AEET Meeting
Ecology: an integrative science in the Anthropocene
4th – 7th February 2019, Barcelona

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