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gener de 2018

GRECO is now on Twitter!
follow us at https://twitter.com/GRECO_UdG
GRECO is seeking candidates to apply for a Beatriu de Pinós grant to hire postdoctoral researchers
Until February 28th 2018 proposals can be presented to the grants for the incorporation of postdoctoral research staff into the Catalan science and technology system, within the Beatriu de Pinós programme (BP).
young researchers in the field
Scientific article: Local and regional drivers of headwater streams metabolism: insights from the first AIL collaborative project
This study aims to analyse the geographical and temporal patterns in stream metabolism and identify the main drivers regulating the whole ecosystem metabolic rates at local and regional scales.
Silurus glanis
Scientific article: Ecology, behaviour and management of the European catfish
Commercial values and recreational interests threatens megafishes, while some species have become invasive exotic, such as the European catfish. This article reviews the most recent knowledge on its current distribution and ecology and identify key questions to stimulate new research on this and other freshwater invaders.
Vídeo de conferències d’investigadors de l’IEA a la XIV Jornada CREAF SCB ICHN sobre Invasions biològiques
Dels investigadors de l’IEA Emma Cebrián (minut 1:15:50) i Emili García-Berthou (1:26:40) i la investigadora del DEPCA Núria Roura-Pascual, entre d’altres.

Més informació...
Abundance of invasive peacock bass increases with water residence time of reservoirs in southeastern Brazil
Neotropical freshwater ecosystems are experiencing a great expansion in the number of invasive species, which is especially alarming since this region harbours 30% of the world’s fish biodiversity with high levels of endemism. We aimed to evaluate the main predictors of peacock basses (Cichla spp.) abundance outside their native range, which are the Amazon and Tocantins-Araguaia river basins.

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