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Infància, adolescència, els drets dels infants i la seva qualitat de vida (ERIDIQV)



PhD professors




PhD Researchers



  • PhD. Cristina Vaqué, assistant Professor in University of Vic, Doctor in Social Science, Education and Health Care from the University of Girona. cris.vaque@gmail.com
  • PhD. Joan Llosada Gistau, Licensed in Sociology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), Doctor in Psychology from the University of Girona. llosada.gistau@gmail.com
  • Gemma Crous Parcerisas, Postdoctoral researcher in training, Doctor in in Psychology from the University of Girona. gemma.crous@udg.edu


Project manager


  • Cristina Figuer Ramírez, Licensed in Psychology with a Master of Advanced Studies from the University of Girona. cristina.figuer@udg.edu 


PhD students



Research fellowships


  • Meriam Boulahrouz Lahmidi, Collaboration fellowship, Licensed in History from University of Girona. meriam.boulahrouz@gmail.com
  • Joan Rigau Batlle, Tranference and Innovation Fellowship, Graduated in Psychology from University of Girona. jrigaubatlle@gmail.com
  • Maria Rosa Sitjes Figueras, Contracted for the Sapere Aude project, Graduated in Social Education from University of Girona. m.rosa.sitjes@gmail.com