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Infància, adolescència, els drets dels infants i la seva qualitat de vida (ERIDIQV)

Psychopathology, personality and quality of life

Psychopathology, personality and quality of life

Head of the research line:

PhD. Ferran Viñas (ferran.vinas@udg.edu) y PhD. Mònica González (monica.gonzalez@udg.edu)


This investigation line takes as a study purpose not only these psychological variables that are involved in the genesis and maintenance of the psycholopathology during the childhood and adolescence, but also those that are associated with a major personal well-being.

With special interest, the study of temperament is the risk factor for  the development of the behavioral and emotional disorders. The study of the temperament from the first months of life and the counsel to the parents about how bring up and take care for children, always respecting its trait, can help to improve psychosocial development, to prevent psycopathology and facilitate a better children and teenage well-being. So, not only is to provide  educational tools so as to avoid psychopatologies, but also to improve well-being and to facilitate a good development and personal growth (self-fulfilment).


From this line also it works the relationship between the use of media and possible disorders associated with inappropiate use (addictions). In addition, the use of  new technologies can be compared with personality variables.