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Infància, adolescència, els drets dels infants i la seva qualitat de vida (ERIDIQV)

Children’s protection

Children’s protection

Head of the research line:

PhD. Carme Montserrat (carme.montserrat@udg.edu) and PhD. Ferran Casas (ferran.casas@udg.edu)


Investigation line born in 1998. Since 2006, research fields within this line include different areas. On the one hand, topics linked with residential children and adolescents, in extensive or foreign family, as well as the formative itineraries of these boys and girls, both inside the obligatory and postobligatory education. Related to this area, there have developed different studies based on transition processes of  young people that leave the proctection system, one of them originated in European mood.


On the other hand, topics related to the valuation of the situations of risk and maltreatment, where it has developed a support module to the management of  the risk in childhood for the Catalan autonomic government.


Moreover, investigations have been carried out centered on local ambience. One of them studies basic social services action and their psychosocial and educational interventions with the childhood and adolescence. The other pont is focused on the gender violence situations that involve in sons and daughters.