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Infància, adolescència, els drets dels infants i la seva qualitat de vida (ERIDIQV)

Media, adolescents and adults

Media, adolescents and adults

Head of the research line: 

PhD. Sara Malo (sara.malo@udg.edu), PhD. Ferran Casas (ferran.casas@udg.edu) and  PhD. Ferran Viñas (ferran.vinas@udg.edu)


Investigation line initiated in 1999, from a previous investigation focused on videogames, in which different evaluations were compared between ancestors and children with regard to the use of these games.

At present, there have been obtained  samples in different  populations from Catalonia and the resources have been improved. In 2000, the educational tools were translated to other languages and,  with the support of  Childwatch International, a comparative study was developed with big samples collected in Norway, India, South Africa and Brazil.

In 2006 a representative sample about teenagers in Catalonia was developed with the support of  CAC ( Council of Audovisuals in Catalonia), focused on the use of television.

The purpose of  the media, used by adolescents and the interactions they mantained  with the adults  have obtained  funding of three competitive projects from the MiCYT and MINECO.