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Infància, adolescència, els drets dels infants i la seva qualitat de vida (ERIDIQV)

Children’s Rights

Children's Rights

Head of the research line:

PhD. Ferran Casas (ferran.casas@udg.edu), PhD. Mònica González (monica.gonzalez@udg.edu), PhD. Carme Montserrat (carme.montserrat@udg.edu) and  PhD. Dolors Navarro.


Investigation line that was based on the concerns between different Research teams from the Europe net SOCRATES, specialized in Children’s rights, and it was set through a Project which is submit under the Integrated action form Spain-Italy, ERIDI’s fusión where the team was coordinated by the profesor Angelo Saporiti from the University degli Studi del Molise, from Campobasso.


Afterwards, a research team from Brazil also picked up data and designed didactic material for schools.

This line explores the conceptualization and evaluations that children (9-12 years old) make from their own rights, through information collection extracted from their opinions in front particular situations, which are considered as dilemmas.


Situations are conceived so as to analize their prespective about distinct rights contemplated in the Convention on the rights of the child. It has also explored, with complementary instruments, some adult opinions and attitudes in habitual contact with studied children, as are biological parents and teachers, if we are talking about children’s rights.


In the last years, it was delved into the social involvement of chidlren and adolescents.