Facultat de Ciències

Incoming students

Incoming students

Erasmus students at the University of Girona

Your first contact with the University of Girona (UdG) will be with the Office of International Relations. 

You will find information in their website

When arriving at the Faculty of Sciences:

 1.- First and as soon as possible, you must meet your tutor at the faculty (Vice-dean of international relationships, Emma Cebrian); the Office of International Relations will inform you the day and hour you must have the meeting.

2.- You have to regularize your academic situation at the secretary’s office of the Faculty of Sciences (contact person: Roser Collell):


Subjects taught in english 2017-2018      -  Experimental Projects

If you are interested in carrying out an experimental work/trainee/final degree project within a research group in a Department or Institute at the Faculty of Sciences you should check the topics offered. An Experimental Project is a subject that has a variable number of ECTS (from 6 to 30 for one semester) and the exact number of ECTS has to be agreed between the Responsible professor and the Student. 

  • - We will provide you with a student identity card of the University of Girona and a username and password for your UdG e-mail.

Before leaving the faculty of Sciences

The secretary’s office of the Faculty of Sciences will provide you with a transcript of records (with the marks of all the courses and/or experimental project followed) for your home university. In case you have been working in a research group, we can also certify it. (Please inform us in advance of the date of your departure)

For further information

you can contact:

Dra. Emma Cebrian emma.cebrian@udg.edu for academical matters

Ms. Roser Collell roser.collell@udg.edu for administrative matters