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Master's in Business Innovation and Technology Management (BITM) (Year 2017-2018)

Currently the UdG does not offer this programme or curriculum. See the current programmes of study
General information

Name of the master's programme Master's in Business Innovation and Technology Management (BITM)
Field Technology
Type Mixed (professional and research)

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Construction

Academic secretary Polytechnic School

60 ECTS credits; one academic year

Calendar and timetable

From October to June. Timetable: afternoons/evenings from 5.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.

System and method of study Full time / part time; Face-to-face
Languages of instruction

English: 100%

Maximum number of students 40
Fee (2016-17 academic year) Pre-registration: 30.21 euros. Seat reservation: 500 euros (in terms of registration). Registration: 46.11 euros/credit (non European Union citizens, non-residents in Spain: 65.87 euros/credit). More information
Website http://www.bitm.udg.edu
Other informations: Monitoring indicators | Quality system | Tutorial plan


Educational objectives

This master's programme consists of 60 ECTS credits and provides specialized instruction in business innovation and technology management. With an interdisciplinary orientation and an international vocation, it is aimed at students from different disciplines who wish to acquire the skills necessary to carry out activities related to innovation management in all types of organizations: development processes for new products or services, management tasks in R&D departments and programmes to promote innovation in private organizations or in public administrations.

This master's programme can have a professional or a research orientation, depending on the subjects taken and related assessments, and the type of master's project undertaken.


Access and admission

The most suitable profiles and previous academic training for successful completion of this master's programme correspond to the following studies: industrial engineering, business administration and management, organisational engineering, economics, telecommunications engineering, computer engineering, all technical engineering programmes, chemistry, biology and environmental sciences. Students with other science, technology or social science profiles not included in the previous list who are interested in aspects related to business innovation and technology management are also suitable candidates. Students must provide certified proof of an adequate level of English to follow instruction in that language.

In the admissions process priority is given to applications from students with better academic records. The academic committee will, on a case by case basis, specify any additional academic training necessary to accept applications that do not meet the established admissions criteria.



Career opportunities

Management positions related to innovation and technology.


Admission to the doctoral programme

The successful completion of this master’s degree provides access to the research period of a doctoral programme. Bear in mind that each programme can set additional requirements and criteria for selection and admission of students, such as the demand for specific complementary training courses.


More information
» Access to doctoral programmes





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