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Medico-chirurgical pathologies II

ATTENTION! The following list shows all subjects related to this module or requirement of the curriculum, not the subjects offered in a particular academic year. To see the offer of subjects refer to the registration guide of the current academic year.

Name and description of the subject Credits Year
3159G03028   Neurological Pathology
General overview about neurological-based pathological gait disorders, by means of three main cores: central and peripheral nervous system physiology, complementary examinations in Neurology, and the diseases with higher levels of incidence amongst children and adults. Motor system function. Gait analysis in neurological disorders. Tools for diagnosis and treatment of different neurological diseases.
3159G03029   Cardiorespiratory Pathology
During de course, physical and biomechanical cardiorespiratory properties will be learned. Respiratory and cardiaque main pathologies physiopathology will be explained. Also the main complementary tests in respiratory analysis and it's interpretation will be explained.
3159G03030   Rheumatic Pathology
The contents of this course aim to describe the main rheumatic diseases from the point of view of physical therapy and an interdisciplinary approach. Being able to recognize the state of health of the patient through an assessment Rheumatology, establish a plan of physiotherapy which cover the objectives initially set and then evaluate the results. Identify the different types of pain and physical and pharmacological treatments known to try it. Acquiring knowledge about radiological and other tests used in the diagnosis and monitoring of rheumatic patients.