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Specific methods in physiotherapy approaches II

ATTENTION! The following list shows all subjects related to this module or requirement of the curriculum, not the subjects offered in a particular academic year. To see the offer of subjects refer to the registration guide of the current academic year.

Name and description of the subject Credits Year
3159G03020   Neurologic Physical Therapy
Evaluation and treatment of neurological disorders caused by nervous system damages. Injuries and neurological diseases. Evolution of neurological physiotherapy techniques. Early neurorehabilitation. Development of a treatment plan by applying techniques in neurological physiotherapy.
3159G03021   Respiratory Physiotherapy and Cardiac Rehabilitation
3159G03022   TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint)
This subject aims to study the anatomical, functional and relational background concerning the temporomandibular joint, within the framework of considering the organism as a whole. Pathology. Habits. Diagnosis through the image. Basic treatment in TMA disorders. Interdisciplinary work for handling temporo-mandibular joint injuries.