Structure & Curriculum

The EMTM offers a truly integrated study program, recognized and accredited in all three participating countries. When students have acquired 120 ECTS they will obtain an EMTM Joint Diploma and the Diploma Supplement.

The first semester (30 ECTS, September-January) takes place at the University of Southern Denmark, Kolding campus (Faculty of Humanities). Students are introduced, at an advanced level, to the conceptualization and strategic communication of sustainability, innovation and competitiveness in tourism development and management. Individual courses have been selected and designed to fulfil these objectives. Additionally, the semester also incorporates a course on project management.

The second semester (30 ECTS, February-June) takes place at the University of Ljubljana (Faculty of Economics). With the knowledge acquired on sustainable tourism development and management, students are involved in courses regarding the policy instruments, indicators and management tools available for governmental sustainable policy making in tourism.

The third semester (30 ECTS, September-January) is carried out at the University of Girona (Faculty of Tourism). After having gathered an advanced knowledge on sustainable tourism concepts and policy strategies, focus is placed on contemporary issues of strategic importance like tourism destination planning, collaboration, network management, customer relations and management of destinations and tourism products. Additionally, students are introduced to the research methods they will use for the completion of the master thesis in the fourth semester.

The fourth semester is exclusively devoted to the completion of the master thesis. Each student is assigned a supervisor from one of the three EMTM Consortium universities. Besides, students who wish to do so can spend the fourth semester in one of the associated partner universities which the EMTM Consortium has outside Europe and seek extra academic assistance from the local professors.

EMTM Universities