EMTM 2015-2017

This is a list of research topics, undertaken by the EMTM 2015-2017 generation students, during their Master Thesis semester (February-July 2017):

Nina Tamara Bijnsdorp (The Netherlands): The Phenomenology of Shark Diving Tourism Experiences

Fangye Chen (China): Product Development of Educational Tourism for Students: Case Studies in China

Alexandru Rafael Constantinescu (Romania): Destination Indicators towards Sustainable Tourism Development. Case Study: Andalusia, Spain

Philipp Jan Carl Herzig (Germany): Visitor Satisfaction at UNESCO World Heritage Sites: The Case of the Oasis of Bahla and Land of Frankincense in the Sultanate of Oman

Prashant Gautam (India): ‘Bollywood-ing’ on a Eurotrip

Marina Gorlova (Russia): Building Personal Identity from Adventure Tourism Experience through Travel Blogs

Hana Kolouchová (Czech Republic): The Power of Destination Images: A Multi-Case Study of Czechia, Estonia, Poland and Slovakia

Kathrin Lilienberg (Germany): An Investigation on Sustainable Tourism Development and Indigenous Peoples’ Empowerment and Intercommunity Conflicts: The Case of the Industrious Berawan and the Humble Penan of the Mulu National Park, Sarawak, Malaysia

Shuang Liu (China): Marketing Strategies for Destinations in the Shadow: European Case Studies and Guidelines for the Future

Natanong Maikhu (Thailand): Destination Image Perception through Educational Tourism: Case of Thai AFS Exchange Student in Brazil

Ioana Alexandra Mereuta (Romania): Tourist Experience Moves Forward through Virtual Reality: A Case Study of Dialysis Patients towards Virtual Travelling

Jasmine Sigrid Robert Moelans (Belgium): An Exploration of Cuba’s Destination Image among Different Traveller Types and Related Travel Arrangements

Anna Otero (Spain): Historical Pathways and Cultural Heritage as Key Elements of Cultural Landscapes: The Case Study of Camí De Ronda, a Coastal Path along the Costa Brava

Valeska Ruiken (Germany): Analyzing Impacts of Circumvention Tourism: Cases on Prostitution, Abortion, and Drug Tourism in Europe

Alejandra Sada Garibay (Mexico): Governance and Stakeholder’s Networks in Tourism in Cape Coast, Ghana

John Tetsuro Shuler (United States): The Roles of Interpretation in British Columbian Aboriginal Ecotourism: Case Studies in First Nations’ Natural and Cultural Heritage Conservation

Carmen Paola Sota Valdivia (Peru): The Role of Social Entrepreneurs in Community-Based Rural Tourism in Developing Countries

Jase Wilson (Canada): Actor Network Theory Analysis of Sport Climbing Tourism

Airin Wydianto Oei (Indonesia): State-controlled vs. Collaborative Management Initiatives in Indonesian Marine National Parks: Case Studies of Komodo and Bunaken National Parks

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