EMTM 2014-2016

This is a list of research topics, undertaken by the EMTM 2014-2016 generation students, during their Master Thesis semester (February-July 2016):

Gonzalo Adell Rodriguez (Spain): Girona: Seeking Nirvana on Two Wheels

Christina Bispink (Germany): Current Destination Image of U.S. Undergraduate Students on the European Destinations France, Spain and the United Kingdom and their Travel Motivations

Massimo Donato Bonmassari (Italy): The Scentification of Tourism: The Case of Touring Smellwalks in Girona

Bojana Bozhinovska (Macedonia): Stakeholder Engagement for Sustainable Tourism Development: The Case Study of Rock Climbing in Yangshuo, Guangxi Region, China

Stefan Büttner (Germany): Urban Traveller Experience Research: Insights from the ‘Life Posted’

Sandra Castañer Camps (Spain): The Use of Instagram as a Destination Marketing Tool by Destination Marketing Organisations: An Exploratory Study

Yi Ling (Yining) Chen (Taiwan): Sport Events and Awareness-raising in Contested Places: A Case Study of Sahara Marathon

Matilde Guido (Italy): Qualitative Analysis of Direct-To-Retailers Local Food Networks: Case of Gostilna Slovenija

Barbora Gulisova (Slovakia): Museums, Heritage, and Tourism on the Danish West Coast

Yimo Guo (China): Travellers’ Rights when Purchasing Services through the Internet: A Comparison between EU and China

Valeria Guttilla (Italy): The Influence of Knowledge and Previous Knowledge on Risk Perception: An Experimental Approach

David Michael Hornstein (Germany): Tourism Careers: Tourism Students’ Attitudes and Career Perceptions

Deborah Huls (Netherlands): The Host Community’s Satisfaction of Tourism in a Destination: The Case of Utrecht

Viktor Husag (Hungary): Symbolic and Emotional Equity of a Destination Brand: Large-Scale Tourism Setting Destination Brand on the Case of Mediterranean Europe

Anna-Maria Innocenti (Germany): International Volunteering in the Refugee Response in Europe: The Case of a Refugee Camp in Greece

Maria Kavazidou (Greece): Hosting a Kin, yet a Foreign Kid: The Experience of Women Hosting ‘Refugees on Holidays’

Nuntanut Krissanasuwan (Thailand): Volunteer Tourism. The Emergence of Tourism in the Organic Movement: Case Study of World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) Girona, Spain

Suchi Smita Mahato (India): Understanding the Expectations of Young Individuals of the Greater Chinese Population from a Wine Tourism Experience

Violeta Meotto (Argentina): The Simultaneity of Migration, International Education and Travelling: A Tourism Mobilities Study on Erasmus Mundus Third Country Nationals

Binh Ngoc Thanh Phan (Vietnam): Destination Image: Pre and Post-Experience of International Students in Queensland, Australia

Tjaša Rahne (Slovenia): Popular Media-Induced Tourism. Bringing Magic into a Muggle World: A Case Study of Harry Potter Tourism Site Interpretation

Vladimira Sajbanova (Slovakia): Model of Tourism Technology Entrepreneurship: Case of Travel Apps

Ernest Samsonchyk (Ukraine): Cyclists’ Multi-Sensory Experience of Tourism Destination: Case of Yangshuo, Guilin, China

Marina Tcaturian (Russia): Alteration of Organic Destination Image Mitigated by a Single Text in the Context of Stereotypes: Case Study of Russia

Iva Tcolova (Bulgaria): Gastronomy Destinations’ Branding on Visual Social Media: The Case of the World’s Best Restaurants on Instagram

Sil Van de Velde (Belgium): The Phenomenology of a Tourism Experience in Unfamiliar and Different Spaces. Case Setting: Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic

Ioana Varodi (Romania): Branding of Underdeveloped Area: Study Case Iasi

Lining Wang (China): Chinese Pilgrims: Rural Areas and the Confucius Trail as a Tourist Destination from a Theme Route Perspective

Yin Chun Jeffrey Wong (United Kingdom): Working Holidaymakers’ Experiences at the Workplace in the United Kingdom and Germany

Zhenrui Yang (China): Chinese Traditional Cultural Values and Gift-Giving:  Shopping by Chinese Outbound Tourists

Xiaojiao Yang (China): Marketing the Outdoor Recreation Experience: Utilizing Tourists’ Motives, Behavioral Intentions and Satisfaction


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