EMTM 2013-2015

This is a list of research topics, undertaken by the EMTM 2013-2015 generation students, during their Master Thesis semester (February-July 2015):

Roula Bazerbashi (Syria): Online Reviews Effect on Hotel’s Performance

Miriam Bianconi (Italy): A Tailored Approach for the Promotion of Leisure Mobile Apps. Understanding Consumer’s Behavior when Seeking Information about Touristic Products: The Case Study of Ploonge

Denise Cajuste Triviño (Ecuador): Understanding Factors that Influence User Acceptance of Mobile Apps for the Tourism Industry: A Study to Identify Tourist’s Information Needs in Ecuador

Yue Cui (China): Finding the Balance between Learning and Travel Experience in Student Field Trips

Carolina da Costa Saraiva (Brazil): Community Management in Tourism Destinations: A Case Study of Barcelona and Delhi

Mulugeta Demssie (Ethiopia):Conservation and Management of World Heritage Sites in Developing Countries: A Case Study in Rock-hewn Churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia

Minyi Deng (China): Enriching Tourist Interpretive Experience at a Famous Cultural Heritage Sites: A Case Study of the Forbidden City in Beijing

Patrick Edlinger (Austria): An Analysis of the Impact of Photographing on the Visitors’ Emotional Experience at Cultural Spaces and their Post-Visit Behavioural Intentions

Melissa Gagné (Canada): From Space to Place: Interstitial Encounters in the Visitor and Resident City Experience in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Linshan HE (China): The Study of Historic Campus as a Tourism Attraction

Barbara Jeglič (Slovenia): Sport Tourism, Serious Leisure and Social Identity: Case Study of Karate Nerd Experience 2015

Yuliya Kolomoyets (Ukraine): The Effect of Gamification on Tourist Experiences

Cristina Martínez García (Spain): Tourism Planning in Local Tourism Destinations: Review and Actions for Improvement. The Case of Costa Brava

Milica Matorčević (Serbia): Tourists’ Experiences of Creative Tourism: The Case of Flamenco

Franziska Mattner (Germany): The Art of Bicycle Travel: Co-Designing a Human-centered Cycling Tourism Experience

Monika Mester (Germany): The Barriers to Voluntary Pro-Environmental Behavior Change in Air Travel Decision Making

Léa Moley (France): Tour Guiding and the Sharing Economy: An Insight in the Challenges and Impacts of the Sharing Economy on Tour Guiding.

Elisa Munaro (Italy): How Bloggers’ Narratives Can Influence Destination Brands: The Case of Blogville, Emilia Romagna, Italy

Eva Musilová (Czech Republic): Constraints of Community Involvement in Tourism Development: Case of Vila dos Pescadores, Maceió

Georgios Panteloukas (Greece): Exploring Long-term International Mobility: Life Perspectives of Master Students

Eleonora Provozin (Ukraine): Human Resource Development Governance in the Tourism Industry: Analysis and Recommendations

Franziska Rottig (Germany): Structural Constraints to Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration in Tourism in Developing Countries: The Case of Nicaragua

Marta Sala (Italy): The Relationship between Trade Fairs and Urban Tourism: The Cases of São Paulo and Milan

Veronika Šustáková (Slovakia): Spiritual Travel as the Solution for Youth in 21st Century? Youth Experiencing Spiritual Tourism India

Ruta Vidauskaite (Lithuania): Destination Branding through Wedding Tourism: The Case of the Caribbean

Julie Vissers (The Netherlands): Key Motives for Participating Locals in the Sharing Economy: The Case of Withlocals in Europe

Dominik Weissensteiner (Austria): Generational Change in Chinese Negotiation Behavior

Lydia Witter (United States): Barter and the Sharing Economy: Understanding Perceptions of Sharing in a Barter Tourism Exchange

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