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Procedure for jointly supervised theses

(Article 8.4 of the Academic regulations for the doctoral studies of the University of Girona)


1. A doctoral thesis may be jointly tutored by the UdG and a foreign university, by means of an agreement, with the purpose of creating and developing scientific cooperation between the research teams from the two institutions and facilitating the mobility of the doctoral students. The minimum length of stay at each of the universities may not be less than six months, and it may be performed over one or several periods.

2. The Academic Committee of the doctoral programme is responsible for authorising the joint tutorship of the doctor al theses.

3. The thesis may be defended at any of the universities participating in the joint tutorship. The thesis defence will be conducted in compliance with the rules of the university at which it is performed and a single report on it will be drawn up, in accordance with the regulated documentation of the university where the thesis is defended, and a certified or true copy will be sent to the other university. In the event that the thesis is not defended at the UdG, once the composition of the tribun al has been approved by the other university, the student should submit the following documents to the Doctoral School:

a) an electronic file with the entire content of the thesis, preferably in PDF format, or in any of the other formats accepted by the University,

b) authorisation to use the electronic CV extracted from the CV management application in force at the UdG,

c) the document for the approval of the composition of the tribunal by the other university (taking into account that the composition should be in keeping with the legislation applicable to the university where the thesis is defended), and

d) authorisation of the reading from the other university.

4. The Doctoral School should make the above documentation available to the Academic Committee of the doctoral programme which, within a maximum period of 30 working days, must decide on the recognition of the doctoral thesis defended within this framework.

5. With the approval of the Academic Committee of the doctoral programme, and once the thesis has been defended, the thesis supervisor should send to the Doctoral School a copy of the documentation accrediting its reading, stating the mark awarded in the system established in the corresponding country.

6. The financing of the expenses of the professors who form part of the tribunal is the responsibility of the university at which the tribunal performs its duties.

7. Students under the joint tutorship system will be deemed for all purposes students of the UdG.

8. A jointly tutored thesis may also lead to an international doctoral degree, provided it abides by the provisions of section 8.5 of this article.


Models of agreement for jointly supervised theses link UdG


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