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Department of Environmental Sciences



Welcome to the website of the Department of Environmental Sciences (University of Girona)! The department is constituted by members from different research groups, in the fields of botany, ecology, geology, plant physiology, and zoology. Please visit our website to know our research and teaching.

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Some researchers of the Institute of Aquatic Ecology have started an Interreg EU Project called PHAROS4MPAs that aims to improve the management of human activities in Mediterranean marine protected areas
Dr. Josep Lloret and Mr. Arnau Carreño with work together with experts in tourism and fisheries science on the ecological and socioeconomic effects of leisure boating, scuba diving and recreational fishing in marine protected areas, and the links with artisanal fisheries.
OMEGA 3: Un projecte per valorar la qualitat dels peixos pescats a la Costa Brava a través dels àcids grassos omega 3 i la salut dels consumidors
Investigadors de l’Institut d’Ecologia Aquàtica i de la Càtedra Oceans i Salut Humana (www.oceanshealth.udg.edu) lideren un projecte per valorar els àcids grassos omega 3 dels peixos pescats a la Costa Brava.
Attending the WCMB
GR MAR attended to the 4th WCMB in Montréal, Canada
Three oral comunications and one poster were presented at the 4th World Conference on Marine Biodiversity (WCMB) celebretaded in Montréal (13-16 May 2018). Effect of global warming on marine forests and herbivory as a regulator of macroalgae invasive species were treated.
MERCES 2nd annual Meeting
European project MERCES celebrates 2nd Annual Meeting in Barcelona
GR MAR in MERCES 2nd Annual Meeting in Barcelona (23-25 May 2018). MERCES is an EU project focused on Restoring Marine Ecosystems Restoration where @GRMAR_UdG participates in the study of restoration of Mediterranean marine forests.