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Department of Environmental Sciences



Welcome to the website of the Department of Environmental Sciences (University of Girona)! The department is constituted by members from different research groups, in the fields of botany, ecology, geology, plant physiology, and zoology. Please visit our website to know our research and teaching.

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Una tesi doctoral realitzada entre la UPC i la UdG estudia la influència que tenen diferents distribucions granulomètriques sobre els processos biogeoquímics i sobre el bioclogging en sistemes d’infiltració
Els resultats d’aquesta tesi mostren com la distribució granulomètrica determina els paràmetres hidrològics en sediments subsuperficials
Tesis doctorals
Hydrological alteration in the River Ebro
Environmental and spatial correlates of hydrologic alteration in a large Mediterranean river catchment
The natural flow regime is of central importance to the ecological integrity of rivers. Many rivers are heavily regulated and their flow regime has been severely affected by weirs and dams.
International experts have debated about the challenges of pond conservation in Torroella de Montgrí
The 8th congress of the European Pond Conservation Network Workshop has gathered over 70 scientists, managers and environmentalists from worldwide
Se celebra la “Jornada sobre avances en la Gestión sostenible de la pesca continental” organizada por la UCM y la Red ICTIOS
El pasado jueves 24 de mayo se celebró en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) la “Jornada sobre avances en la Gestión sostenible de la pesca continental”, organizada por investigadores del Departamento de Biodiversidad, Ecología y Evolución de la UCM y la Red ICTIOS.
Attending the WCMB
GR MAR attended to the 4th WCMB in Montréal, Canada
Three oral comunications and one poster were presented at the 4th World Conference on Marine Biodiversity (WCMB) celebretaded in Montréal (13-16 May 2018). Effect of global warming on marine forests and herbivory as a regulator of macroalgae invasive species were treated.
MERCES 2nd annual Meeting
European project MERCES celebrates 2nd Annual Meeting in Barcelona
GR MAR in MERCES 2nd Annual Meeting in Barcelona (23-25 May 2018). MERCES is an EU project focused on Restoring Marine Ecosystems Restoration where @GRMAR_UdG participates in the study of restoration of Mediterranean marine forests.
Dissabte s'inaugura, al Museu de la Mediterrània, l'exposició del projecte d'art contemporani vinculat al Life Pletera
Aquest dissabte 19 de maig, a les 19 h, s'inaugurarà al Museu de la Mediterrània (Espai Montgrí), l'exposició «Lloc, memòria i salicòrnies», una mostra de les intervencions artístiques desenvolupades en el marc del projecte Life Pletera (2014-2018).