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El Dr. Mas-Pla, ponent als "Water and Sea Workshops" de Barcelona
the planet workshops

El Dr. Mas-Pla és un dels ponents als "Water and Sea Workshops" de Barcelona, concretament a la sessió "What strategies in order to preserve the quality of water resource?"

10-11 Octubre 2013

Co-founded in 2007 by Eric Bazin and George J. Gendelman, The Planetworkshops are a think tank rich of six years of experience in bringing together stakeholders interested in the emerging challenges of sustainable development and geopolitics. By acquiring a strong recognition on the international scene, the Planetworkshops strive towards the ideal to gather and increase awareness amongst the majority of actors and opinion leaders in order to participate in a global change of our ways of life and governance. International think tank working for the transformation of societies towards new sustainable models of development, The Planetworkshops aim to nurture reflection on sustainable development in industrialized countries and emerging economies.

The purpose of the Planetworkshops is to challenge the life of ideas, encourage intellectual innovation and produce expertise to accompany the long term vision of decision makers. Definitely turned towards action, the Planetworkshops also focus on the development of successful and useful experiences and spread good practices in order to favor necessary changes towards sustainable models.

The Planetworkshops’ networks are multi-disciplinary and international. They are made of numerous ramifications of actors such as:

• International organizations
• Small and international companies
• Government representatives
• Scientific and academic institutions
• Non Governmental Organizations
• Personalities and opinion leaders