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Lluís Santaló Chair of Applied Mathematics

Recull de notícies

Recull de notícies


Genomr Wide Association Studies for personalized medicine (Seminari Estadística) Ivan Galvan
Dimecres 29 de juny2016 a les 12:30
Seminari Aitchison - Edifici P4 - Campus Montilivi
Trobada d'Equacions en Derivades Parcials i Aplicacions - Girona 2016
Conferències relacionades amb les equacions en derivades parcials i les seves aplicacions al món de la ciència i la tecnologia.
Week-CoDaCourse 2106
Week-CoDaCourse 2016
The Week-CoDaCourse is an Open Seminar on Compositional Data Analysis that will be held in Girona from July 4 to 8, 2016.
Compositional data are vectors which components show the relative importance of some parts of a whole. Typical examples are data presented in percentages, ppm, ppb, or the like.
MIN 2016
MIN 2016: Workshop on Multilayer and Interconnected Networks: Epidemic Processes and Robustness
The goal of the workshop is to bring together scientists working on the topic of multilayer and interconnected networks, who will present their latest results and will carry out a discussion on the state of the art and current open challenges for this topic. We hope the meeting will provide an informal venue for encouraging interdisciplinary communication.
115th European Study Group with Industry (ESGI) - Barcelona, 25-29 Gener 2016.
Investigadors del grup EDMA del departament d'IMAE participen en el Comitè Organitzador
Trobada d’EDP’s i Aplicacions
Dijous 2 de juliol de 2015
Sala d’Actes. Edifici P4.
Campus Montilivi. Universitat de Girona
VI Jornades d'ADEMGI "Dinamització i ambientació matemàtica d'un centre educatiu"- 18 octubre 2014
Es presentaran les activitats d'ADEMGI previstes pel curs 2014-15
New Perspectives on Discrete Dynamical Systems 2014 (Tossa de Mar, 2-4 octubre 2014)
Congrés NPDDS 2014 (Tossa de Mar, 2-4 octubre 2014) amb motiu de la celebració del 60è aniversari del Dr. Lluís Alsedà
CoDaCourse-2014: Summer School on Compositional Data Analysis (CoDA), July 7-11, 2014, in Girona
The IASC-ERS summer school on compositional data analysis is supported by the European Regional Section of the International Association for Statistical Computing.
Epidemics on Networks: Current Trends and Challenges [workshop]
The group "Differential Equations, Modelling and Applications" (EDMA) , in collaboration with the group "Broadband Network Control and Management and Distributed systems" (BCDS), both from University of Girona, organizes a workshop on epidemic networks, to be held in Girona, September 5-7 of 2012.
Course and Open Seminar on Compositional Data Analysis
A short course to provide an introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of statistical analysis of compositional data, as well as an informal discussion forum on more advanced modelling topics.

Dates: 2-6 July 2012
Organizer: Research Group on Statistical Data Analysis of University of Girona

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