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Recull de notícies

Recull de notícies

CoDaCourse-2014: Summer School on Compositional Data Analysis (CoDA), July 7-11, 2014, in Girona

The IASC-ERS summer school on compositional data analysis is supported by the European Regional Section of the International Association for Statistical Computing.

Compositions are vectors which components show the relative importance of some parts (in percentages, ppm, ppb, or the like) of a whole. Typical examples are: economy (income/expenditure distribution), medicine (body composition: fat, bone, muscle), food industry (food composition: fat, sugar, …), geochemistry and chemometrics (chemical composition), ecology (abundance different species), sociology (time-use surveys), and genetics (genotype frequency). This hot topic of research has nowadays a broad impact in these fields. The goal of this summer school is to learn the basic concepts on CoDA and introduce its multivariate techniques (cluster analysis, discriminant analysis, regression models, etc).

Statisticians and applied scientists of any field, in particular engineering geologists, geologists, economics, scientists, environmental engineers, and bio&environmental scientists, working in academic or industrial institutions, are strongly encouraged to take the IASC-ERS Summer School on CoDA. It is recommended that attendants have undergone some first semester courses on statistics. Basic knowledge about multivariate statistics may also be handy.

Due to the class room facilities at the UdG, the places are limited to 30. Early registration is recommended.

Further information at: in CoDaCourses menu. (Also I am attaching a PDF file)

The CoDA IASC-ERS Summer School is organized by the Research Group on Statistical MEthods in resTRICted spaceS (METRICS) from the Computer Science, Applied Mathematics and Statistics Department of the University of Girona (UdG).


We would be grateful if you could forward this announcement to your students and colleagues.


J.A. Martín-Fernández