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Chair of Immigration, Rights and Citizenship



Chair of Immigration, Rights and Citizenship.

Faculty of Law  mapa
Montilivi Campus
17071 Girona
Tel. 972 41 98 27
Fax. 972 41 81 21





The director is elected by the Executive Board of the Chair for a renewable four-year term.

The director of the Chair must be a full university professor or a full-time tenured university professor from the Faculty of Law of the UdG who has accredited teaching and research experience in the field of immigration.

The director’s functions include the following:


-       Carrying out the programme of the academic year approved by the Executive Board;

-       Managing and disseminating information about the Chair and its objectives;

-       Promoting and defining lines of research in the field of immigration;

-       Participating in Spanish or foreign research groups; elaborating and assigning reports and legal opinions;

-       Applying for grants from public and private institutions; promoting collaboration agreements with other Spanish or foreign entities with similar purposes;

-       Authorising payments required for the functioning of the Chair; and

-       Acquiring the bibliographic materials necessary and relevant to achieve the Chair’s objectives.


The director provides an annual account about the scientific and economic management of the Chair to the Executive Board.

Likewise, the Chair applies for research and other types of grants from public or private institutions that help it meet the goals for which it was created.