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UdG Library

Non-university Library Patrons

Extra-University Members of the UG Library

The City Projection Project has been designed to promote access to the UG Library resources and services in social and community environments, whether by establishing institutional collaboration or providing individual access to our facilities.

Who can be an Extra-University Member?
  • UG Graduates, during the first year following graduation
  • Ex-UG Faculty, during the first year following the final semester of instruction
  • Members of the UG Alumni Association, Post Scriptum
  • Members of the Connections Association, an organization for research and the dissemination of history
  • Students registered in Lifelong Learners classes (for older persons)
  • Members of colleges and professional associations that have agreements with the library
  • Members of the Institutes for Research affiliated with UG
  • Visiting Professors
  • Teachers from public High Schools in Girona and surrounding areas
  • Students from public High Schools in Girona and surrounding areas who are completing their final research project
  • Student teachers from UG
  • Students from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)
  • Any person who has paid to take an examination at UG
  • Any other person who does not pertain to one of the above categories may pay a fee to become an Extra-University Member. (Please ask for more information at the library.
Basic Services for All Extra-University Members
  • Access to library facilities
  • Help with your library searches at Information Desks in person, by phone, by email and on the web
  • Access to the Library Catalog and the Catalan Universities Collective Catalog (CUCC)
  • Borrowing privileges for 3 tiems at a time:
  • 7-day loans can be renewed twice, if no one else has requested the item
  • 14-day loans can be renewed once, if no one else has requested the item
  • Access to our Item Request Services, which is responsible for locating and obtaining originals and copies of items that are not included in the UG collections. This service charges a fee.
Other Services for Members of Institutions with Agreements with the UG Library
  • Access to the UG Digital Library (electronic books and journals, databases, official publications, etc.)
What do I have to do?

Go to any UG Library and:

  • Show your DNI (national identity card), student ID, or membership or association card for your school, institute or university, depending on your affiliation
  • Fill out a form with your personal and professional information
  • We will give you a username and password to log on to any UG computer, if your status includes this privilege. The username and password will be available two days after completing the form.
  • If you are paying for your membership, you will receive a receipt upon payment.

In becoming an Extra-University Member of the UG Library, we ask that you agree to use the library services and facilities responsibly.

Welcome to the Library!