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S+ Functional Data Analysis SpringerLink e-Books
Safety and Security Review for the Process Industries (Second Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
Safety Critical Systems Handbook ScienceDirect e-Books
Safety Design for Space Systems ScienceDirect e-Books
Salinity SpringerLink e-Books
Salud y uso de los servicios sanitarios en población inmigrante y autóctona de España
Salutogenic organizations and change SpringerLink e-Books
Sampling Algorithms SpringerLink e-Books
Sampling and Analysis of Environmental Chemical Pollutants ScienceDirect e-Books
Sampling Methods SpringerLink e-Books
SAP on the Cloud SpringerLink e-Books
Sarbanes-Oxley IT Compliance Using COBIT and Open Source Tools ScienceDirect e-Books
Satellite and Terrestrial Radio Positioning Techniques ScienceDirect e-Books
Saudi Arabia : The shape of a client feudalism eBook Collection
Saving Big Blue : Leadership lessons and turnaround tactics of IBM's Lou Gerstner eBook Collection
Scale and Geographic Inquiry: Nature, Society, and Method Wiley Online Library e-books
Scenario logic and probabilistic management of risk in business and engineering SpringerLink e-Books
Scenario-based Strategic Planning SpringerLink e-Books
Scenic Art for the Theatre (Third Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
Scheduling and Budgeting Your Film ScienceDirect e-Books
Schistosomiasis SpringerLink e-Books
School and society {Thinking about education series} eBook Collection
School consultation SpringerLink e-Books
School Leadership - International Perspectives SpringerLink e-Books
School violence: assessment, management, prevention MyLibrary
Schooling in disadvantaged communities SpringerLink e-Books
Schools making a difference--let's be realistic!: school mix, school effectiveness, and the social limits of reform MyLibrary
Schools with spirit : Nurturing the inner lives of children and teachers eBook Collection
Science and application of nanotubes SpringerLink e-Books
Science and Its Times Gale Virtual Reference Library
Science fiction film Ebrary/Elibro
Science in Dispute, Volume 1 Gale Virtual Reference Library
Science in Dispute, Volume 2 Gale Virtual Reference Library
Science in Dispute, Volume 3 Gale Virtual Reference Library
Science of Everyday Things Gale Virtual Reference Library
Science on the air Ebrary/Elibro
Science teacher education SpringerLink e-Books
Science through children's literature : An integrated approach eBook Collection
Science, technology and innovation policy for the future SpringerLink e-Books
Scientia in Early Modern Philosophy SpringerLink e-Books
Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering SpringerLink e-Books
Scientific Computing with MATLAB and Octave SpringerLink e-Books
Scientific detectors for astronomy SpringerLink e-Books
Scientific Freedom: The Elixir of Civilization Wiley Online Library e-books
Scientific Papers and Presentations (Second Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
Scientific Research in Information Systems SpringerLink e-Books
Scientific thinking eBook Collection
Scientific visualization: the visual extraction of knowledge from data SpringerLink e-Books
Scramble for the Balkans : Nationalism, globalism, and the political economy of reconstruction {Migration, minorities, and citizenship} eBook Collection
Scrambling techniques for CDMA communications SpringerLink e-Books
Screen education: from film appreciation to media studies MyLibrary
Screening: Methods for Experimentation in Industry, Drug Discovery, and Genetics SpringerLink e-Books
Screenwriting Tips, You Hack ScienceDirect e-Books
Screw compressors SpringerLink e-Books
SD Card Projects Using the PIC Microcontroller ScienceDirect e-Books
Search Methodologies SpringerLink e-Books
Searching Skills Toolkit - Finding the Evidence Wiley Online Library e-books
Seasonal and Interannual Variability of the Western Mediterranean Sea Wiley Online Library e-books
Seccions i sostres sense bigues de formigó armat Llibres digitals de la UPC
Second-generation HTS conductors SpringerLink e-Books
Secondary algebra education SpringerLink e-Books
Secondary analysis of the TIMSS data SpringerLink e-Books
Secrets d'un sistema constructiu Llibres digitals de la UPC
Secrets of Figure Creation with Poser 5 ScienceDirect e-Books
Secrets of Recording ScienceDirect e-Books
Secuencias pseudoaleatorias para telecomunicaciones Llibres digitals de la UPC
Secure Your Network for Free ScienceDirect e-Books
Security and protection in information processing systems SpringerLink e-Books
Security for mobile networks and platforms Ebrary/Elibro
Security of natural gas supply through transit countries SpringerLink e-Books
Sedimentary Basins and Petroleum Geology of the Middle East ScienceDirect e-Books
Seed Genomics Wiley Online Library e-books
Seeing, thinking and knowing SpringerLink e-Books
Seeking awareness in American nature writing : Henry Thoreau, Annie Dillard, Edward Abbey, Wendell Berry, Barry Lopez eBook Collection
Segle XX: racionalitat, cultura i barbàrie eDU-Library
Segmented labor, fractured politics SpringerLink e-Books
Seguridad pública en buques de pasaje Llibres digitals de la UPC
Selección de materiales en el diseño de máquinas eBooks UPC
Selected Papers of Frederick Mosteller SpringerLink e-Books
Selected readings on global information technology Ebrary/Elibro
Selected Topics in Complex Analysis SpringerLink e-Books
Selected Topics in Convex Geometry SpringerLink e-Books
Selected works of S.L. Sobolev SpringerLink e-Books
Selection and breeding programs in aquaculture SpringerLink e-Books
Self and identity in modern psychology and Indian thought SpringerLink e-Books
Self and substance in Leibniz SpringerLink e-Books
Self-assembled nanostructures SpringerLink e-Books
Self-assembling peptide systems in biology, medicine, and engineering SpringerLink e-Books
Self-assembly monolayer structures of lipids and macromolecules at interfaces SpringerLink e-Books
Self-Dual Codes and Invariant Theory SpringerLink e-Books
Self-Organizing Networks: Self-Planning, Self-Optimization and Self-Healing for GSM, UMTS and LTE Wiley Online Library e-books
Self-regulated learning and academic achievement : Theoretical perspectives eBook Collection
Selling war : The British propaganda campaign against American "neutrality" in World War II eBook Collection
Semanas del Jardín MyLibrary
Semantic models for multimedia database searching and browsing SpringerLink e-Books
Semantic Web engineering in the knowledge society Ebrary/Elibro
Semiconductor materials SpringerLink e-Books
Semiconductor Nanomaterials for Flexible Technologies ScienceDirect e-Books
Semiconductor optical amplifiers SpringerLink e-Books
Seminario Internacional / International Seminar. La formación en gestión y políticas cult. para la diversidad cultural y el desarrollo/Training in Management and Cultural Policies for Cultural Diversity and Development eDU-Library
Semiotics in mathematics education: epistemology, history, classroom, and culture MyLibrary
Semiparametric Modeling of Implied Volatility SpringerLink e-Books
Semiparametric Theory and Missing Data SpringerLink e-Books
Semistructured database design SpringerLink e-Books
Sensibilities of the Islamic Mediterranean Ebrary/Elibro
Sensitometria Llibres digitals de la UPC
Sensitometria. Sistema analògic versus digital I Llibres digitals de la UPC
Sensitometria. Sistema analògic versus digital II Llibres digitals de la UPC
Sensor Technology Handbook ScienceDirect e-Books
Sensors and Transducers (Third Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
Sensory processing in aquatic environments SpringerLink e-Books
Senyals i sistemes analògics Llibres digitals de la UPC
Separating, losing and excluding children : Narratives of difference {Master classes in education series} eBook Collection
Separation of Sets and Optimality Conditions SpringerLink e-Books
Separatism, the allies and the mafia : The struggle for Sicilian independence, 1943-1948 eBook Collection
Seqüències d'un centenari eDU-Library
Ser o no ser de mar. Arenys: història, patrimoni i antropologia marítima eDU-Library
Seriation, stratigraphy, and index fossils SpringerLink e-Books
Series Approximation Methods in Statistics SpringerLink e-Books
Series temporales Llibres digitals de la UPC
Serious players in the primary classroom : Empowering children through active learning experiences {Early childhood education series (Teachers College Press)} eBook Collection
Service Business Costing SpringerLink e-Books
Service Franchising SpringerLink e-Books
Service Industries and Regions SpringerLink e-Books
Service Productivity Management SpringerLink e-Books
Service Science in China SpringerLink e-Books
Set Theory SpringerLink e-Books
Set theory SpringerLink e-Books
Several complex variables and Banach algebras SpringerLink e-Books
Sex differences in the brain Ebrary/Elibro
Sex offender laws: failed policies, new directions MyLibrary
Sexual orientation in child and adolescent health care SpringerLink e-Books
Sexuality and aging {Older adult issues series} eBook Collection
Shakespeare and the authority of performance eBook Collection
Shakespeare's late plays : New readings eBook Collection
Shape and functional elements of the bulk silicon microtechnique SpringerLink e-Books
Shaping flexibility in vocational education and training SpringerLink e-Books
Shaping Internet Governance: Regulatory Challenges SpringerLink e-Books
Shaping the IT organization SpringerLink e-Books
Shared Earth Modeling ScienceDirect e-Books
Sheep medicine MyLibrary
Sherlock's Diseases of the Liver and Biliary System 12e Wiley Online Library e-books
Shift-invariant Uniform Algebras on Groups SpringerLink e-Books
Ship-shaped offshore installations Ebrary/Elibro
Short and long term effects of breast feeding on child health SpringerLink e-Books
Short History of Jewish Ethics - Conduct and Character in the Context of Covenant Wiley Online Library e-books
Short-range Wireless Communication (Second Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
Shortest connectivity: an introduction with applications in phylogeny SpringerLink e-Books
Should war be eliminated? : Philosophical and theological investigations {Páere Marquette lecture in theology ; 1984} eBook Collection
Siam mapped : A history of the geo-body of a nation eBook Collection
Side bias SpringerLink e-Books
Signal and Image Processing for Biometrics Wiley Online Library e-books
Signal Integrity and Radiated Emission of High - Speed Digital Systems Wiley Online Library e-books
Signal processing for telecommunications and multimedia SpringerLink e-Books
Signal processing for wireless communication systems SpringerLink e-Books
Signal Transduction (Second Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
Signal transduction by reactive oxygen and nitrogen species SpringerLink e-Books
Signal transduction in cancer SpringerLink e-Books
Signaling in Telecommunication Networks , Second Edition, Online Version Wiley Online Library e-books
Significance of glutathione to plant adaptation to the environment SpringerLink e-Books
SIKU: : knowing our ice : documenting Inuit sea ice knowledge and use SpringerLink e-Books
Silencios elocuentes Llibres digitals de la UPC
Simone de Beauvoir, gender and testimony {Cambridge studies in French} eBook Collection
Simple minds eBook Collection
Simposi sobre la formació inicial dels professionals de l'educació eDU-Library
Simulació de models de teletrànsit mitjançant Java Llibres digitals de la UPC
Simulació de sistemes Trunking Llibres digitals de la UPC
Simulación analógica basada en Spice Llibres digitals de la UPC
Simulación de modelos de teletráfico mediante Java Llibres digitals de la UPC
Simulación y control de procesos por ordenador Ebrary/Elibro
Simulating Interacting Agents and Social Phenomena SpringerLink e-Books
Simulation and modeling: current technologies and applications MyLibrary
Simulation approaches in transportation analysis SpringerLink e-Books
Simulation of communication systems SpringerLink e-Books
Simulation of Industrial Processes for Control Engineers ScienceDirect e-Books
Simulation scenarios for nurse educators: making it real MyLibrary
Simulations for Personnel Selection SpringerLink e-Books
Sin tiempo que perder Ebrary/Elibro
Single facility location problems with barriers SpringerLink e-Books
Singular perturbation theory SpringerLink e-Books
Singular reference SpringerLink e-Books
Singular Sets of Minimizers for the Mumford-Shah Functional SpringerLink e-Books
Sintering ScienceDirect e-Books
Sistema de calidad de uso público de los espacios naturales protegidos
Sistema de gestión del uso público de las playas
Sistema diédrico Llibres digitals de la UPC
Sistema judicial. Estudio CISS núm. 1305
Sistemas audiovisuales Llibres digitals de la UPC
Sistemas conexionistas para el tratamiento de la información Llibres digitals de la UPC
Sistemas de información geográfica Llibres digitals de la UPC
Sistemas de instrumentación Llibres digitals de la UPC
Sistemas de test automático Llibres digitals de la UPC
Sistemas para la transmisión de datos Ebrary/Elibro
Sistemas SCADA Ebrary/Elibro
Sistemas solares térmicos de baja temperatura Llibres digitals de la UPC
Sistemes d'informació Llibres digitals de la UPC
Sitting in : Selected writings on jazz, blues, and related topics eBook Collection
Six Sigma+Lean Toolset SpringerLink e-Books
Skeletal Imaging (Second Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
Skeletal injury in the child SpringerLink e-Books
Skeletal Muscle from Molecules to Movement ScienceDirect e-Books
Sketching User Experiences ScienceDirect e-Books
Skills for successful teaching eBook Collection
Skin diseases of exotic pets Ebrary/Elibro
Sleep disorders MyLibrary
Slow Rarefied Flows SpringerLink e-Books
Small Animal Critical Care Medicine ScienceDirect e-Books
Small Animal Pediatrics ScienceDirect e-Books
Small Animal Regional Anesthesia and Analgesia Wiley Online Library e-books
Small business solutions : How to fix and prevent the thirteen biggest problems that derail business eBook Collection
Small places large issues: an introduction to social and cultural anthropology MyLibrary
Small-Format Aerial Photography ScienceDirect e-Books
Smart antenna systems and wireless lans SpringerLink e-Books
Smart Buildings Systems for Architects, Owners and Builders ScienceDirect e-Books
Smart business 2nd ed. eBook Collection
Smart Business Networks SpringerLink e-Books
Smart Inspection Systems ScienceDirect e-Books
Smart leadership 2nd ed. eBook Collection
Smith's General Urology MyiLibrary
Smooth dynamical systems MyLibrary
Smooth manifolds and observables SpringerLink e-Books
Snapshots of hemodynamics SpringerLink e-Books
Snort Intrusion Detection 2.0 ScienceDirect e-Books
SOA and Web Services Interface Design ScienceDirect e-Books
Social Anxiety (Second Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
Social anxiety and social phobia in youth SpringerLink e-Books
Social capital Ebrary/Elibro
Social Capital in the Knowledge Economy SpringerLink e-Books
Social Choice and Strategic Decisions SpringerLink e-Books
Social cognition {Routledge modular psychology} eBook Collection
Social contracts and economic markets SpringerLink e-Books
Social geographies of educational change SpringerLink e-Books
Social information technology Ebrary/Elibro
Social Innovation SpringerLink e-Books
Social institutions and economic development SpringerLink e-Books
Social justice education for teachers: Paulo Freire and the possible dream MyLibrary
Social networks and trust SpringerLink e-Books
Social networks, drug injectors' lives, and HIV/AIDS SpringerLink e-Books
Social perspectives on the sanitation challenge SpringerLink e-Books
Social psychology Ebrary/Elibro
Social psychology eBook Collection
Social relations and chronic pain SpringerLink e-Books
Social responsibility in the information age : Issues and controversies eBook Collection
Social Security, Demographics, and Risk SpringerLink e-Books
Social tourism in Europe: theory and practice Dawson
Socially intelligent agents SpringerLink e-Books
Socially responsible investing : Making a difference and making money eBook Collection
Societats pluriculturals i educació: la interculturalitat com a resposta eDU-Library
Society and health SpringerLink e-Books
Society, behaviour, and climate change mitigation SpringerLink e-Books
Society, spirituality, and the sacred : A social scientific introduction eBook Collection
Society, state, and urbanism : Ibn Khaldun's sociological thought eBook Collection
Sociolegal control of homosexuality SpringerLink e-Books
Sociolinguistic variation Ebrary/Elibro
Sockets, Shellcode, Porting, & Coding ScienceDirect e-Books
Soft Computing For Complex Multiple Criteria Decision Making SpringerLink e-Books
Soft Lens Fitting ScienceDirect e-Books
Soft matter physics SpringerLink e-Books
Soft mechanochemical synthesis SpringerLink e-Books
Software Design for Engineers and Scientists ScienceDirect e-Books
Software Development for Engineers ScienceDirect e-Books
Software process improvement for small and medium enterprises: techniques and case studies MyLibrary
Software testing and global industry: future paradigms MyLibrary
Software y hardware del C8XC251 Llibres digitals de la UPC
SOI circuit design concepts SpringerLink e-Books
SOI design SpringerLink e-Books
Soil and Environmental Chemistry ScienceDirect TextBooks
Soil ecology SpringerLink e-Books
Soil formation SpringerLink e-Books
Soil formation SpringerLink e-Books
Soil in the Environment ScienceDirect TextBooks
Soil Microbiology Ecology and Biochemistry Third Edition ScienceDirect TextBooks
Solar and space weather radiophysics SpringerLink e-Books
Solar Cell Device Physics (Second Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
Solar Cell Materials - Developing Technologies Wiley Online Library e-books
Solar Cells ScienceDirect e-Books
Solar Energy Engineering ScienceDirect e-Books
Sold on radio Ebrary/Elibro
Solid State Chemistry ScienceDirect e-Books
Solid State Ionics for Batteries SpringerLink e-Books
Solid State Physics ScienceDirect e-Books
Solid waste management and recycling SpringerLink e-Books
Solid-state imaging with charge-coupled devices SpringerLink e-Books
Solid-state lasers SpringerLink e-Books
Solidarity: A Structural Principle of International Law SpringerLink e-Books
Soliton equations and their algebro-geometric solutions Ebrary/Elibro
Solitude : Art and symbolism in the National Basque Monument {Basque series} eBook Collection
Solution-Focused Supervision SpringerLink e-Books
Solvent effects and chemical reactivity SpringerLink e-Books
Solving ordinary differential equations SpringerLink e-Books
Solving Polynomial Equations SpringerLink e-Books
Somatization and Psychosomatic Symptoms SpringerLink e-Books
Somatostatin SpringerLink e-Books
Sophus Lie Une pensée audacieuse SpringerLink e-Books
Sound and Recording (Sixth Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
Sound and Structural Vibration (Second Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
Sound for Digital Video ScienceDirect e-Books
Sound Synthesis and Sampling (Third Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
Sound Systems: Design and Optimization (Second Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
Sound, speech, and music eBook Collection
Sounding the whale : Moby-Dick as epic novel eBook Collection
Sourcebook of rehabilitation and mental health practice SpringerLink e-Books
Sourcing strategy SpringerLink e-Books
Sovereign Default Risk Valuation SpringerLink e-Books
Sovereignty and diversity MyLibrary
Space division multiple access for wireless local area networks SpringerLink e-Books
Space from zeno to Einstein : Classic readings with a contemporary commentary eBook Collection
Space politics and policy SpringerLink e-Books
Space Program Management SpringerLink e-Books
Space Sciences Gale Virtual Reference Library
Space weather & telecommunications SpringerLink e-Books
Space, Structure and Randomness SpringerLink e-Books
Space-time processing for CDMA mobile communications SpringerLink e-Books
Spaced out SpringerLink e-Books
Spaces of Holomorphic Functions in the Unit Ball SpringerLink e-Books
Spain's Centuries of Crisis - 1300-1474 Wiley Online Library e-books
Spain: From Dictatorship to Democracy 1939 to the Present Wiley Online Library e-books
Spall fracture SpringerLink e-Books
SPARK SpringerLink e-Books
Spatial Analysis and GeoComputation SpringerLink e-Books
Spatial and social disparities SpringerLink e-Books
Spatial and temporal reasoning SpringerLink e-Books
Spatial Econometrics SpringerLink e-Books
Spatial Microsimulation for Rural Policy Analysis SpringerLink e-Books
Spatial statistics for remote sensing SpringerLink e-Books
Speaking : From intention to articulation {ACL-MIT Press series in natural-language processing} eBook Collection
Special educational needs: providing additional support MyLibrary
Special issue on renewable energy for sustainable development and the built environment MyLibrary
Special Makeup Effects for Stage and Screen ScienceDirect e-Books
Species : New interdisciplinary essays eBook Collection
Species of mind : The philosophy and biology of cognitive ethology eBook Collection
Specimen handling, preparation, and treatments in surface characterization SpringerLink e-Books
Spectral Analysis in Engineering ScienceDirect e-Books
Spectral interpretation of decision diagrams SpringerLink e-Books
Spectroscopy and Modeling of Biomolecular Building Blocks ScienceDirect e-Books
Spectroscopy of emerging materials SpringerLink e-Books
Spectroscopy of Polymers (Second Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
Speech and human-machine dialog SpringerLink e-Books
Speech processing in the auditory system SpringerLink e-Books
Speech separation by humans and machines SpringerLink e-Books
Sphere packings SpringerLink e-Books
Spillovers and Innovations SpringerLink e-Books
Spin labeling SpringerLink e-Books
Spin-Crossover Materials - Properties and Applications Wiley Online Library e-books
Spinal Cord Injuries ScienceDirect e-Books
Spine Secrets Plus (Second Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
Spine Technology Handbook ScienceDirect e-Books
Spirituality and ethics in management SpringerLink e-Books
Sport and exercise psychology Ebrary/Elibro
Sport; a philosophic inquiry eBook Collection
Sports Injury Prevention Wiley Online Library e-books
Sports Media (Second Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
Sports Vision ScienceDirect e-Books
Stability of drugs and dosage forms SpringerLink e-Books
Stability of Structures ScienceDirect e-Books
Stability of superconductors SpringerLink e-Books
Stable Radicals - Fundamentals and Applied Aspectsof of Odd-Electron Compounds Wiley Online Library e-books
Stakeholder Trust in Family Businesses SpringerLink e-Books
Stalin as military commander {Military Commanders series} eBook Collection
Stalkers and their victims eBook Collection
Stalking and violence SpringerLink e-Books
Stamping through mathematics SpringerLink e-Books
Standard & Poor's 500 guide eBook Collection
Standard test method for tension-tension fatigue of polymer matrix composite materials
Standardization and Expectations SpringerLink e-Books
Staphylococcus aureus infection and disease SpringerLink e-Books
Stars & strife : The coming conflicts between the USA and the European Union eBook Collection
Start-up SpringerLink e-Books
Starting from the child: teaching and learning in the foundation stage MyLibrary
Starting with Shakespeare : Successfully introducing Shakespeare to children eBook Collection
Stat labs SpringerLink e-Books
State Aid for Newspapers SpringerLink e-Books
State and local population projections SpringerLink e-Books
State Space Grids SpringerLink e-Books
Static crosstalk-noise analysis SpringerLink e-Books
Statins ScienceDirect e-Books
Statistical analysis of designed experiments SpringerLink e-Books
Statistical analysis of financial data in S-PLUS SpringerLink e-Books
Statistical analysis of management data SpringerLink e-Books
Statistical and Computational Inverse Problems SpringerLink e-Books
Statistical and geometrical approaches to visual motion analysis SpringerLink e-Books
Statistical and Inductive Inference by Minimum Message Length SpringerLink e-Books
Statistical challenges in astronomy SpringerLink e-Books
Statistical Demography and Forecasting SpringerLink e-Books
Statistical design and analysis for intercropping experiments SpringerLink e-Books
Statistical inference in science SpringerLink e-Books
Statistical Mechanics (Second Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
Statistical Methods Third Edition ScienceDirect TextBooks
Statistical Methods for Food Science - Introductory procedures for the food practitioner2e Wiley Online Library e-books
Statistical methods for the analysis of repeated measurements SpringerLink e-Books
Statistical Methods in Bioinformatics: SpringerLink e-Books
Statistical Methods in Counterterrorism SpringerLink e-Books
Statistical methods in e-commerce research Ebrary/Elibro
Statistical modeling and analysis for complex data problems SpringerLink e-Books
Statistical Monitoring of Clinical Trials SpringerLink e-Books
Statistical Monitoring of Clinical Trials SpringerLink e-Books
Statistical Orbit Determination ScienceDirect e-Books
Statistical Parametric Mapping ScienceDirect e-Books
Statistical Reasoning in Medicine SpringerLink e-Books
Statistical Signal Processing for Neuroscience and Neurotechnology ScienceDirect e-Books
Statistical Tools for Finance and Insurance SpringerLink e-Books
Statistical tools for nonlinear regression SpringerLink e-Books
Statistics and Analysis of Shapes SpringerLink e-Books
Statistics Applied to Clinical Trials SpringerLink e-Books
Statistics for corpus linguistics {Edinburgh textbooks in empirical linguistics} eBook Collection
Statistics for lawyers SpringerLink e-Books
Statistics for microarrays Ebrary/Elibro
Statistics in dialectology eBook Collection
Statistics in Medicine (Second Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
Statistics in Spectroscopy (Second Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
Statistics of Linear Polymers in Disordered Media ScienceDirect e-Books
Statistics: problems and solutions MyLibrary
Steal this computer book : What they won't tell you about the internet eBook Collection
Stealing the Network: How to Own an Identity ScienceDirect e-Books
Steels (3) ScienceDirect e-Books
Steels (Third Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
Stem Cells ScienceDirect e-Books
Stochastic Ageing and Dependence for Reliability SpringerLink e-Books
Stochastic analysis of computer storage SpringerLink e-Books
Stochastic and global optimization SpringerLink e-Books
Stochastic approximation and its applications SpringerLink e-Books
Stochastic approximation and recursive algorithms and applications SpringerLink e-Books
Stochastic Calculus of Variations in Mathematical Finance SpringerLink e-Books
Stochastic Dominance SpringerLink e-Books
Stochastic dynamics SpringerLink e-Books
Stochastic Finance SpringerLink e-Books
Stochastic geometry SpringerLink e-Books
Stochastic Linear Programming SpringerLink e-Books
Stochastic modeling in economics and finance SpringerLink e-Books
Stochastic Modeling of Manufacturing Systems SpringerLink e-Books
Stochastic Models in Queueing Theory (Second Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
Stochastic models in reliability SpringerLink e-Books
Stochastic Numerics for the Boltzmann Equation SpringerLink e-Books
Stochastic Optimization Methods SpringerLink e-Books
Stochastic Petri nets SpringerLink e-Books
Stochastic Processes ScienceDirect e-Books
Stochastic Processes in Physics and Chemistry (Third Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
Stochastic Processes, Optimization, and Control Theory: Applications in Financial Engineering, Queueing Networks, and Manufacturing Systems SpringerLink e-Books
Stochastic-process limits SpringerLink e-Books
Stock Market Anomalies SpringerLink e-Books
Stoppees' Guide to Photography & Light ScienceDirect e-Books
Storytelling: Branding in Practice SpringerLink e-Books
Strange bedfellows SpringerLink e-Books
Strategic Competition in Oligopolies with Fluctuating Demand SpringerLink e-Books
Strategic decision making SpringerLink e-Books
Strategic human resource development SpringerLink e-Books
Strategic Management New Rules for Old Europe SpringerLink e-Books
Strategic management and core competencies : Theory and application eBook Collection
Strategic management for government agencies : An institutional approach for developing and transition economies {World Bank discussion papers ; 386} eBook Collection
Strategic planning for public and nonprofit organizations : A guide to strengthening and sustaining organizational achievement 3rd ed. eBook Collection
Strategic public relations management : Planning and managing effective communication programs eBook Collection
Strategic supply chain management : The five disciplines for top performance eBook Collection
Strategic Trading in Illiquid Markets SpringerLink e-Books
Strategies and applications in quantum chemistry SpringerLink e-Books
Strategies and tactics in organic synthesis MyLibrary
Strategy and Communication for Innovation SpringerLink e-Books
Strategy and organization of corporate banking SpringerLink e-Books
Strategy Deployment in Business Units SpringerLink e-Books
Strategy for Action II SpringerLink e-Books
Strategy Scout SpringerLink e-Books
Strength of Materials and Structures (Fourth Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
Stress and Pheromonatherapy in Small Animal Clinical Behaviour Wiley Online Library e-books
Stress management for primary health care professionals SpringerLink e-Books
String Topology and Cyclic Homology SpringerLink e-Books
Stripes and related phenomena SpringerLink e-Books
Stroke (Fifth Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
Strong family and low fertility: a paradox? SpringerLink e-Books
Strongly coupled Coulomb systems SpringerLink e-Books
Structural Analysis ScienceDirect e-Books
Structural and Stress Analysis (2) ScienceDirect e-Books
Structural Change and Exchange Rate Dynamics SpringerLink e-Books
Structural Dynamics and Vibration in Practice ScienceDirect e-Books
Structural integrity and reliability in electronics SpringerLink e-Books
Structural Theory of Automata, Semigroups, and Universal Algebra SpringerLink e-Books
Structural Vibration ScienceDirect e-Books
Structure and agent in the scientific diplomacy of climate change SpringerLink e-Books
Structure and dynamics of health research and public funding SpringerLink e-Books
Structure and Dynamics of Macromolecules: Absorption and Fluorescence Studies ScienceDirect e-Books
Structure computation and dynamics in protein NMR SpringerLink e-Books
Structure-function relationships of human pathogenic viruses SpringerLink e-Books
Structured electronic design SpringerLink e-Books
Structured electronic design SpringerLink e-Books
Structured Finance SpringerLink e-Books
Struggles for Survival SpringerLink e-Books
Student cheating and plagiarism in the Internet era : A wake-up call eBook Collection
Studies in global econometrics SpringerLink e-Books
Studies in language and cognition MyLibrary
Studies in legal logic SpringerLink e-Books
Studies in lie theory SpringerLink e-Books
Studies on the syntax of central romance languages eDU-Library
Study on the Consensus Salary System for Modern Enterprises SpringerLink e-Books
Study skills for psychology students MyLibrary
Study to teach : A guide to studying in teacher education eBook Collection
Sturgeon biodiversity and conservation SpringerLink e-Books
Sturgeons and paddlefish of North America SpringerLink e-Books
Sturm-Liouville theory SpringerLink e-Books
Style Ebrary/Elibro
Style and function Ebrary/Elibro
Subspace methods for system identification SpringerLink e-Books
Substance Abusing Inmates SpringerLink e-Books
Substrate noise : SpringerLink e-Books
Substrate noise coupling in mixed-signal ASICs SpringerLink e-Books
Succeeding in graduate school : A career guide for psychology students eBook Collection
Success factors of corporate spin-offs SpringerLink e-Books
Success for All : Research and reform in elementary education eBook Collection
Success in on-line learning eBook Collection
Successful African-American men SpringerLink e-Books
Successful Decision-making SpringerLink e-Books
Successful decision-making SpringerLink e-Books
Successful strategies in supply chain management eBook Collection
Sucralfate SpringerLink e-Books
Suicide Among Child Sex Offenders SpringerLink e-Books
Suicide prevention SpringerLink e-Books
Suicide prevention SpringerLink e-Books
Suicide science SpringerLink e-Books
Summary of a workshop on information technology research for crisis management {Compass series (Washington, D.C.)} eBook Collection
Super simple storytelling : A can-do guide for every classroom, every day eBook Collection
Super-flexibility for knowledge enterprises SpringerLink e-Books
Super-resolution imaging SpringerLink e-Books
Supercentenarians SpringerLink e-Books
Supercomputing, collision processes, and applications SpringerLink e-Books
Supermanifolds and supergroups SpringerLink e-Books
Superstelle in esplosione SpringerLink e-Books
Supervision for learning: a performance-based approach to teacher development and school improvement MyLibrary
Supply Chain Design and Management ScienceDirect e-Books
Supply chain management SpringerLink e-Books
Supply Chain Management and Advanced Planning SpringerLink e-Books
Supply Chain Management with APO SpringerLink e-Books
Supply chain optimisation SpringerLink e-Books
Supply chain optimization SpringerLink e-Books
Supply chain safety management SpringerLink e-Books
Supporting learners in the lifelong learning sector MyLibrary
Supporting learning flow through integrative technologies MyLibrary
Supporting Reuse in Business Case Development SpringerLink e-Books
Supportive Oncology ScienceDirect e-Books
Supramolecular Chemistry 2e Wiley Online Library e-books
Supramolecular structure and function 8 SpringerLink e-Books
Supuestos prácticos de contabilidad financiera y de sociedades Ebrary/Elibro
Surface and Living Anatomy ScienceDirect e-Books
Surface Evolution Equations SpringerLink e-Books
Surface waves in anisotropic and laminated bodies and defects detection SpringerLink e-Books
Surface: land MyLibrary
Surgical Decision Making (Fifth Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
Surgical Management of Obesity ScienceDirect e-Books
Surgical oncology SpringerLink e-Books
Surgical options for the treatment of heart failure SpringerLink e-Books
Surgical pathology dissection SpringerLink e-Books
Surgical Pathology of the GI Tract, Liver, Biliary Tract, and Pancreas (Second Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
Surgical Pitfalls ScienceDirect e-Books
Surgical techniques in total knee arthroplasty SpringerLink e-Books
Survey methodology Dawson
Survival Analysis SpringerLink e-Books
Survival analysis SpringerLink e-Books
Surviving globalization? SpringerLink e-Books
Surviving the SOC revolution SpringerLink e-Books
Survivors : An oral history of the Armenian genocide eBook Collection
Sustainability and Optimality of Public Debt SpringerLink e-Books
Sustainability in Tourism SpringerLink e-Books
Sustainability indicators Ebrary/Elibro
Sustainable Development and Innovation in the Energy Sector SpringerLink e-Books
Sustainable Energy Consumption in Residential Buildings SpringerLink e-Books
Sustainable Swine Nutrition Wiley Online Library e-books
Sustaining distance training : Integrating learning technologies into the fabric of the enterprise {Jossey-Bass business & management series} eBook Collection
SVD and Signal Processing III ScienceDirect e-Books
Sweet anticipation Ebrary/Elibro
Symbiosis SpringerLink e-Books
Symbolic analysis and reduction of VLSI circuits SpringerLink e-Books
Symbolic analysis for parallelizing compilers SpringerLink e-Books
Symbolic Integration I SpringerLink e-Books
Symmetries in science XI SpringerLink e-Books
Symmetry and integration methods for differential equations SpringerLink e-Books
Symmetry in finite generalized quadrangles SpringerLink e-Books
Symmetry through the eyes of a chemist SpringerLink e-Books
Symplectic Geometry and Quantum Mechanics SpringerLink e-Books
Symplectic methods for the symplectic eigenproblem SpringerLink e-Books
Synergy matters SpringerLink e-Books
Syntactic development MyLibrary
Synthesis and optimization of DSP algorithms SpringerLink e-Books
Synthesis of Acetylenes, Allenes and Cumulenes ScienceDirect e-Books
Synthetic nitrogen products SpringerLink e-Books
System design with SystemC SpringerLink e-Books
System Dynamics for Engineering Students ScienceDirect TextBooks
System for Ophthalmic Dispensing (Third Edition) ScienceDirect e-Books
System level design model with re-use of system IP SpringerLink e-Books
System modeling and optimization SpringerLink e-Books
System specification & design languages SpringerLink e-Books
System-level design techniques for energy-efficient embedded systems SpringerLink e-Books
System-level power optimization for wireless multimedia communication SpringerLink e-Books
System-On-A-Chip verification SpringerLink e-Books
Systematic design for optimisation of pipelined ADCs SpringerLink e-Books
Systematic design of CMOS switched-current bandpass sigma-delta modulators for digital communication chips SpringerLink e-Books
Systematic modeling and analysis of telecom frontends and their building blocks SpringerLink e-Books
SystemC SpringerLink e-Books
SystemC SpringerLink e-Books
SystemC kernel extensions for heterogeneous system modeling SpringerLink e-Books
Systèmes multi-échelles SpringerLink e-Books
Systemic Governance and Accountability SpringerLink e-Books
Systemics of Emergence: Research and Development SpringerLink e-Books
Systems analysis for librarians and information professionals {Library and information science text series} eBook Collection
Systems approaches and their application SpringerLink e-Books
Systems approaches to management SpringerLink e-Books
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