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Recommended reading lists

Recommended Reading Lists

What is it

The Recommended Reading List is the group of text sources that each instructor recommends for all types of classes (breadth requirements, major requirements and supplement classes, NOTE: elective classes do not include such a list). This list may include books, journals, articles, etc.

The recommended items will be found at the Library on the Campus where you study as well as, perhaps, in collections at other Campus Libraries.


How to find it

You can view the Recommended Reading List for each of your classes at:  

  • MyUdG: From the personalized portal page, go to the Bibliografia tab of each class you are enrolled in. There you will find a comprehensive list of all the recommended sources with a link to the Library Catalog that displays both the call number and the exact Library location where it may be found.   
  • Library Homepage: You can access the list with the link on the homepage or through the UdG Catalog.
How may days may I borrow the items

 The items on the Recommended Reading Lists are subject to the same check-out policy

The Library attempts to maintain more than one copy of each recommended item. Whenever possible, one copy is retained on reserve (no check-out) within the library to guarantee immediate consultation. 

What to do when a recommended item is not found at the Library

In this case, you must fill out an Item Purchase Request. and indicate the name of the class that recommends the item. We will make our best effort to obtain the item and incorporate it into the appropriate Library Collection