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BREXIT FORUM - Perspectives on Brexit from outside the UK
05/07/2017 16:30
05/07/2017 18:00

Professor Gianmario Demuro (University of Cagliari, Italy)
Dr. Mariona Illamola Dausà (University of Girona, Spain)

Jan Grodecki Room, Fielding Johnson Building.

Professor  Gianmario  Demuro  (University  of  Cagliari, Italy) and Dr. Mariona Illamola Dausà (University  of  Girona,  Spain)  will  talk  about  the consequences of Brexit on the freedom of  movement  of  British  citizens  in  Italy  and  Spain  as  well  as  the  impact  of  Brexit  on separatist movements in Northern Italy and Catalonia.  By  sharing  the  perceptions  of  Brexit  in  Italy  and  Spain,  Professor  Demuro and Dr. Mariona Illamola Dausà will discuss the extent to which the withdrawal of the UK from the European  Union  is  likely  to  have  repercussions that go beyond the alteration of the EU membership to affect the very idea of a shared European identity.

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