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Current Issues in Procedural Law

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Dr. Susanna Oromí Vall-llovera
Law Faculty
Campus de Montilivi acces mapa
17071 Girona
Ph: (0034) 972 41 89 25

Current Issues of Procedural Law


"Current Issues of Procedural Law" is a group of research directed by Teresa Armenta Deu (view curriculum in the "researchers section") and assigned to the Department of Public Law at the University of Girona.

Since 2005, it has the consideration of Consolidated Investigation Group in the Research Plan of Catalonia.  As a Consolidated Research Group, it is made up of members from the area of knowledge of Procedural Law of the UDG and of researchers from other Catalonian Universities. And some of Consolidated Investigation Group take part the area of procedural law.  



 Directions of research


Here you can consult the directions of research developed by the group. These directions are of a general character and correspond to the common directions of all the research/investigating group. It must be completed with the individual work of each of its members:

Current questions about Procedural Law.

The justice reform(civil and penal aspects, and international projection).

Internationalization of justice and reform of the Penal Process.

The Penal Process between Europe and America.

The protection of victim.



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